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To provide legal strategy

that empowers our clients to

make the right choice.





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Help with CPS

This e-book provides great insights for parents being investigated by CPS or who have an open court case.  Download this free e-book for the information you need that no one will tell you.  

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Help with Co-Parenting

This e-book will help you do the impossible and do it with grace. You have a hard road before you.  It is important to bear in mind that the decisions you make in the first 18 years dictate the potential of your child's entire life.  Do your best.  Be informed.

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Help with Divorce

Find out the bottom line.  There are a lot of forms to fill our and procedures to follow in a divorce, but it all boils down to just a few key issues.  Get this e-book to help you be effective, efficient and resourceful in your divorce. 

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Help for Relatives & Caretakers

Caring for another's child is such a difficult undertaking and crosses through many court systems.  This e-book will help you get your bearings and figure out the best path forward.


Your future is too important for you to make uninformed decisions.

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