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Wills vs. Trusts

It never seems appropriate to think about your death, let alone plan for it. But if you truly care about your family and what happens to your loved ones after you pass away or become incapacitated, it would be a wise decision to create a trust or will no matter how difficult that decision might be.


The decisions you make regarding estate planning today will make the lives of your family members easier by protecting their assets, financial security, and emotional stability. If you don’t, the probate process could take a toll on your family’s financial and emotional wellbeing after your passing.


When you make that decision, it is vital to contact a Los Angeles County will and trust attorney to help you avoid common pitfalls and guide you through the process of estate planning in California.


Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Regardless of whether your family is lower, middle, or upper-class, you can equally benefit from drafting your own will or trust.

A will is a document that puts your final wishes in writing and makes them enforceable after your death or disability. After you pass away or become incapacitated, a Los Angeles County court will make sure that your final wishes outlined in the will are carried out.


A will, which must be signed by you and two witnesses to be considered valid in California, can include the following wishes:

  • Leave names of beneficiaries for property

  • Name an executor of your probate

  • Appoint guardians for children

  • Name property managers for children’s property

  • Instruct how debts and taxes should be paid


The greatest thing about writing a will is that it is relatively easy to write one as long as you have consulted a Los Angeles County will and trust attorney and know what you are doing. Also, your “last will and testament” can be revised any time you want before death.

By creating a trust, you are able to maintain complete control over the assets that have been placed into the trust. A great thing about a trust is that your estate can avoid the lengthy, expensive, and publicized probate process after your death.

If you are not familiar with how probate works, it is the legal process of passing along and distributing a decedent’s property and assets after their death. Aside from avoiding probate, other benefits of creating a trust include:

  • Leaving names of beneficiaries for property

  • Preserving your legacy after you die

  • Protecting your family’s privacy by avoiding probate

  • Maintaining control over your wealth

  • Protecting your family from court challenges




If you work with a skilled will and trust attorney Candace Jones, you can ensure that you:

  • Choose the right executor or trustee who will handle your estate after your death or disability;

  • Reduces taxes on your estate;

  • Reduce the cost associated with transferring your assets to the designated beneficiaries;

  • Transfer your property to beneficiaries promptly;

  • Help your family avoid a probate court;

  • Secure your business to continue being operational and efficient after your passing;

  • Plan for the possibility of becoming physically or mentally incapacitated; and

  • State your wishes regarding burial and funeral.


Candace Jones, a Los Angeles County will and trust attorney, is committed to providing her clients with a personal and individualized approach to legal representation in estate planning.

Writing a Will

Creating a Trust

How Can a Los Angels County Wills and Trusts Attorney Help?


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