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About Us

Make Up Your Mind to Have a Good Day

As a licensed attorney since 2011 and founder of my own law office in 2014, I have established myself as a trusted and aggressive litigator with a passion for solving problems. I approach every case uniquely, applying my expertise and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes for my clients. Able to address all aspects of family law matters-adoptions, guardianships, custody and divorce, I am committed to providing top-notch legal representation and sound counsel every step of the way.


Our Goals

 To see people thrive and build a positive future filled with hope even if their present seems broken. 

 To help families get through divorce and custody proceedings with as little animosity as possible for the sake of the children. When adults are okay; children are okay.

 To see children have the best future possible even when and if they come from broken homes.

 We help people avoid litigation when possible; seek resolution wherever possible; making litigation as affordable as possible, so that people can make informed decisions to improve the life of their family and still have money left over to care for their family.

Meet The Team

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